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The ultimate jig box! We packed 25 of our best jigs into a waterproof Flambeau 4005 tackle box! This is a great 3 latch gasket, rust proof box! The jigs included are as followed:

2 1/2oz subBLADES: Bluegill and Perch

2 1/2oz Deposit HD SwimJigs: Bluegill and Chart Shad

1 1/2oz Deposit Black/Blue, 1 3/8oz Deposit Hoeker Fish, 1 1/4oz Deposit Crappie

1 3/4oz Dock Monkey Black/Blue, 1 1/2oz Dock Monkey Brown/Orange, 1 3/8oz Dock Monkey Watermelon/Blue, 1 1/4oz Dock Monkey Black/Pumpkin.

1 3/4oz Red Zone Watermelon/Blue, 1 1/2oz Red Zone Pumpkin/Purple

1 3/4oz Red Zone Finesse Black/Blue, 1 1/2oz Red Zone Finesse Perfect Craw

1 1/4oz SS Candy Black/Blue, 1 1/4oz SS Candy Arkie Pumpkin Sun

1 5/16oz Wrecking Ball Black/Pumpkin, 1 3/16oz Wrecking Ball Pumpkin/Purple

1 5/16oz Lil Punk Brown/Orange, 1 3/16oz Lil Punk Watermelon/Blue

1 3/4oz Thug Magic Craw, 1 1oz Bodasious Pond Bug

1 3/8oz Water Rover Contusion, 1 3/8oz Poison Purple Grass