Custom Christmas Jig Bundles Are Now Available! Bundles are made on order, shipping times depend on demand. All orders over $60.00 receive a FREE 2k Decal. Orders over $100.00 receive FREE Decal and FREE 2k Face Buff. Orders over $60.00 Ship FREE all day, every day. All product is made on order. Allow 1-10 business days for order to ship.

2k Custom Christmas Jig Bundle!

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For years the 2k Christmas Bundle has been putting smile's on the faces of anglers around the world! This year will be no different! We have took our 8 best selling jigs and created 8 new one off special colorways for each of them! Give your special angler something they can enjoy for the whole season!

These Bundles will sell extremely fast so don't wait! Order Today! 

On top of the 8 custom jigs we will be adding a gift card to 25 of the 225 boxes at random. Each gift card will range in value from $10-$100. If you are lucky you could definitely WIN Christmas! 

Bundle Contents:

Deposit Swim Jig

Color: Chartreuse Slick Shad 

Poison Swim/Flip Jig

Color: Gold Rush Shiner 

Powerlock HD Swim Jig

Color: Sunset Gill

Dock Monkey Flipping Jig

Color: Watermelon Rind

Red Zone Football Jig

Color: Rose Gold Copper Craw

Water Rover Casting Jig

Color: Crawzilla 

Wrecking Ball Finesse Jig

Color: Red Tide Watermelon 

Lil Punk Finesse Jig

Color: Pad Paradise