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2K Outstanding Member of the Month Derek Masters

2K Outstanding Member of the Month of May
Each month 2k management selects one member to be highlighted for their achievements on and off the water representing 2k Jigs. This month we would like to recognize Derek Masters. 
Derek is the type of guy that any company would be happy to have represent them. His hard work, creativeness, and passion for the fishing industry is contagious among our team. Derek's greatest quality is his wiliness to lend a hand. Many times throughout his years at 2k he has stepped up in leadership roles, helped with design, marketing material and trade show work. 
Below is a Q&A for us all to get to know Derek a little better. Congrats on being selected as the 2k Outstanding Member of the Month Derek, you have earned it!   

Tell us a little about yourself outside of fishing (family, other hobbies, job)

First, it is an absolute honor to be the 2K Outstanding Member of the Month.  2K Jigs is a household name in our family and I consider the entire 2K team family as well.  I currently reside in central Indiana married to an amazing, supportive wife raising our three children.  As a family we enjoy camping.  One of our goals is to visit as many national parks with our kids before they find out traveling with mom and dad isn’t cool anymore.  The one thing outside of fishing that I do enjoy is working on my house.  Whether it’s remodeling a room, landscaping or tending to my property, I really enjoy the process and results. 

    What tournaments circuits or club tournaments do you fish? 

    I currently fish with a Indiana BASS club ‘Premier Anglers’.  Our club fishes 6 regular season tournaments along with the Indiana BASS State Team Qualifier and a season ending Classic.  I also fish other various weekend opens. 

      What technique is your biggest strength as well as your biggest weakness on the water?

      My biggest strength is finesse fishing and being able to catch fish on highly pressured lakes.  Indiana has some of the highest pressured lakes so being able to target those fish are key to be successful.  My biggest weakness would be throwing deep diving crankbaits and being able to target specific depths with them.  

      How long have you been with 2k?

      I’ve been with 2K Jigs since 2015.  During a trip to Lake St. Clair, I was introduced to 2K Jigs in a local tackle shop and I haven’t looked back. 

      If you could only fish 1 2k product for the rest of your life which would you pick and why?

      If I could only have 1 2K product, hands down would be a 5/16oz Wrecking Ball rubber in pumpkin/purple.  It’s considered a finesse jig but it can be casted, flipped and pitched to any kind of cover.  The round ball head helps come over hard cover such as rocks and timber but a hefty weed guard helps it from not getting caught up in vegetation.  The 4/0 mustad is ultra sharp right out of the package and I never have to worry about it failing.  The biggest reason, and this goes for nearly all of our jigs is the hand-tied copper wire.  I can catch multiple fish on one jig and not worry about the skirt coming down or off.  That ultimately equates to more casts and more time in the water that could make the difference of catching that one extra fish to fill a limit.

        What makes 2K Jigs better than other jigs in your opinion? 

        While I can say 2K Jigs are better because of the quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, the one I always land on is the innovation and ingenuity that goes behind the design of every product.  No detail is overlooked during the design process.  Where things really begin to shine is the fact that every jig is touched by the owner and will not leave if it doesn’t pass his ruthless quality standards.

          How has working for 2K made you a better promoter in the fishing industry?

          The team at 2K Jigs is family.  As with any family, they will always look out for one another but also hold you accountable for your responsibilities.  We have the best, hardworking, down to earth individuals that are leading the company.  They bring a wealth of industry knowledge and insight that is second to none.  The ability to learn and grow from that knowledge has driven my ability to become a better promoter for others.  Each one of us on the team has a drive for competition.  We have fun contests each year that help all of us become better at promoting, learning the product better, and growing closer as a team. 

            In conclusion, what would you say to an angler that has yet to use 2k Jigs.

            What are you waiting for?!   Each year anglers spend hundreds of dollars on the “latest and greatest” lure.  The jig is one of the most money making lures of all time.  Why not use the best?  With 2K Jigs you are buying a quality, handmade product that is made in the USA.  With weekly deals, sales and free shipping on all orders over $60, there isn’t much to lose.


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