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Skirt Info

All jigs at 2k are hand tied with 100% copper wire. All skirts are manufactured on site. This allows us to create colors no other company can offer. Most of our jigs are built around Living Rubber. The best skirting material known to mankind! Living Rubber offers action that is unmatched! Through our multiple series of jigs you can find all rubber jigs, rubber silicone mixed jigs, and all silicone jigs.

You may ask yourself, why do we take the extra time to hand tie every skirt with copper wire? The answer is because it create a superior product. The wire tie holds each strain in perfect place. The copper does not rot or rust maximizing the life of the skirt. Your skirt will never fall down after catching a fish. The tight tie also adds flare to the skirting material. Yes, this takes a lot of time. Yes, we could just throw a rubber band around the skirt 50 times faster than we could tie a skirt. We don't, because we are dedicated to manufacturing the best jig on the market!