Custom Christmas Jig Bundles Are Now Available! Bundles are made on order, shipping times depend on demand. All orders over $60.00 receive a FREE 2k Decal. Orders over $100.00 receive FREE Decal and FREE 2k Face Buff. Orders over $60.00 Ship FREE all day, every day. All product is made on order. Allow 1-10 business days for order to ship.

Skirt Info

2K Jigs uses 3 different types of skirts. Most of our jigs are available in all of these options. It should be noted that the "Type" or "Tie" will be specified on the product pages as an option when selecting from the online store. Please review the below information if you are unsure of what type of skirt tie or type you are selecting.

Hole in One
Hole-in-One Skirts are banded skirts with a hole directly in the center for ultimate skirt security. Once these skirts are installed they do not come off! The strands are glued to a silicone core, which also helps the material flare for better action. 
Pro Tie
Pro-Tie Skirts are hand-tied with a flexible thread and allows for near perfect color separation around the skirt perimeter. The strands are adhered to a silicone core that contains a center hole for ultimate skirt security.
Hand Tie 
Hand Tie skirts consist of Living Rubber and silicone material wrapped with copper wire for the best material combination and skirt hold in the industry. Each skirt is assembled and secured by hand.