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Year after year the fishing industry out does itself from the previous and comes out with yet another way to catch a bass. Typically, I find myself yearning for all the latest tackle with all sorts of new ideas in my head of ways to capitalize on it. Like clockwork, after either forgetting all about my shiny new plugs, plastics, and shenanigans or realizing it simply isn’t effective, I find myself back to techniques and baits I have confidence in and success on. The technique I find myself leaning on the hardest, here in Michigan, is swimming a jig.

A swim jig accounts for a ton of the larger bass I catch every year. It’s a bait, much like a standard jig, that is known for and has proven to be a big fish bait. Rarely do I ever catch bass on it that are short of the legal limit and typically it’s a bass that is going to spend the rest of the tournament in the livewell and make a trip to the scales. For that reason, swimming a jig will always be something I lean on for not only a solid limit, but also looking for that kicker fish we all need.

I used to have to either swim a jig with a head design that had no business swimming, or was simply constructed of subpar components that I couldn’t trust when money was at stake. However, those days are long gone now that 2K jigs has come out with every swim jig style needed to fish from Florida to Michigan and everywhere in between. The beauty of these jigs is the craftsmanship. Offered in living rubber, reptile rubber and silicone skirts that are hand tied with copper wire. No more getting caught with your pants down or having a cheap rubber band fail.

The Deposit is my go to day in and day out. Here in West Michigan we are blessed with an abundance of lakes and rivers with not only emergent vegetation but also lush weedbeds of milfoil, coontail, and cabbage. The Deposit has the perfect head design for sliding through grass and getting to where our bass love to reside. My favorite way to rig the Deposit is with a swimbait trailer. More often than not I use a Keitech 3.8 in a color that matches the jig color. Here in our lakes their number one meal is a bluegill. 2K has multiple different head and skirt colors that mimic a bluegill perfectly. When I am in really heavy cover I turn to the Deposit’s big brother, the Deposit HD. Heavy duty features abound on this jig with the 6/0 HD hook, heavy weedguard, and screwlock bait keeper. It was designed for and literally tested in the gnarly cover of Lake Okeechobee. I’m a braid guy when it comes to grass. If I can get away with braided line, I am using it. I typically throw the deposit on a 7’-7’6” 4 power fast action rod with a high speed reel like 7.1:1.

Another unique jig that I spend a lot of time with is the Freak. Its wide and flat head make it glide and dart erratically. I generally fish it in more sparse cover than I do the deposit so its action can be utilized. Sharp twitches and sweeps of the rod send this jig dancing all over and will trigger reaction strikes from a bass that has no intention of eating. Another underutilized technique with this jig is skipping boat docks. That big flat head is awesome for getting way under there. The trailer I use 100 percent of the time on this jig is a beaver. The flat sides match the flat head design and aid in the gliding and skipping.

Two newcomers to the swim jig lineup this year are the NX3 and the Submission. I am looking forward to trying these out this season and already have plenty of ideas on where to use them. The Submission has a plumper head which has quite the wobble and will also deflect well off hard cover like stumps and rocks. It will be fun to throw in places that I normally bounce square bill crankbaits off of. The NX3 is the deep water and ledge fishing special. Offered in ¾ and 1oz I suspect guys that fish the Tennessee river and other ledge lakes will have a lot of fun with this jig. I have a few deep spots that are on my list to try with this jig as well this summer.

The bottom line is bass eat a lot of bluegills, shad, perch, crappie, and alewives. A swim jig is a tremendous imitation of those baitfish and 2K offers colors to match them all. I have caught them on a swim jig in water temperatures in the mid 40’s and up. From one foot of water to twenty five. I think it’s probably even more versatile than I give it credit for. With all of these different sizes, colors, and styles, I guarantee there’s one to fit your situation. 2K Jigs truly is the home of the swim jig! Give it a try this summer.


Dave Hoeker - 2K Pro Staff

I live in West Michigan and fish as much as I can get away with. I fish on average 3 tournaments a week during the summer months. My wife and I recently had our first child, a boy named Lincoln. We have been watching lots of fishing shows together when mom needs a break. When not fishing, I own and operate a small business and waterfowl hunt with Diesel, my best bud and labrador retriever.


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