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Goby Profile Tube Jig

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Goby Profile Tube Jig by 2K


This tube jig was designed here in Michigan on the greatest smallmouth fishery in the world, Lake St. Clair. The design of this jig head will transform any plastic tube into a goby profile. This jig is virtually impossible to snag up on shell beds. Paired with a 4/0 Mustad straight shank hook!!!

You can now choose your hook size! The original jig comes in 4/0, used for 3.5"-4" tubes. The 3/0 will work well for smaller tubes, 3" and smaller. The 5/0 will work well for larger tubes, 4" or bigger.

• Sizes: 1/4 oz, 3/8 oz, 1/2 oz 5 Per Pack