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Powerlock HD Spin

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Without question the Powerlock HD Spin is the best underspin on the market! Manufactured with the best components money can buy, and designed around the perfect head to make your swim jig give off that perfect wobble!  


Hand Painted in multicolored paint schemes to match some of the best swim bait colors available! We even mask the power swivel to make sure no paint or clear coat effects the spin! Topped it off with American Made 3D Molded Fish Eyes!


4/0 Mustad Ultra Point Hook

Spring Bait Keeper

Spro Power Swivel: 1.5 times stronger than standard barrel swivels. These high grade stainless swivels offer reduced visibility, smooth rotation, unbelievable strength with a black finish. Best Barrel Swivel Money Can Buy!

Spro Ball Bearing Swivel: Premium ball bearing swivel offers the ultimate in smooth rotation and exceptional durability with a nickel finish! Best Ball Bearing Swivel Money Can Buy!

 Steal Blade coated in nickel or gold and finished with a diamond dust finish! 

Available in 3/8oz and 1/2oz in Nickle and Gold Blades!